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Wedding Cake
Wedding Cakes

When it's about wedding cakes! we deliver the best wedding cakes.

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Birthday Cakes
Birthday Cakes

Cakes And Events is the number one guaranteed place in Nigeria to get your birthday cakes.

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Chelsea Cakes
Occasional Cakes

On diffrient ocations we have diffrient types of cakes we use! We got you cover on any occasions you have with the best cakes fit for it.. anniversaries cakes engagement cakes or more..

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Cakes And Events School

Just us at Cakes and events school to learn how to cook it yourself and be professional events planner! Click the contact us

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We offer 30% off when you buy two Tier 1 big cakes on Valentine day

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family fun meal

We dont open on Sundays but on request we deliver cakes to your family on Sunday when you contact us upfront

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We offer the best events planning in Nigeria. You can hear what our customers are saying about us

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‘Best events planning company in Nigeria.’
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‘Freschetta. The fresh taste sensation.’
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