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3 Steps To easily get scholarships to study abroad Opportunities Notifications (Guided Steps)

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Today we are going to be saving you some time not only money but some time you will be using to search all around the web for scholarships!

Lots of our readers have always asked us about how they can easily get alerts only about new scholarship opportunities!


Then we research the easiest way for you and in this article, we are going to teach you how to get free notifications on new scholarship opportunities according to the type of scholarship notifications you want to be receiving

With these simple steps and guidelines, you will be getting the latest scholarship updates all around the web for free.

We always want to make a lot of things easier and save a lot of money and time for you!

Also, a lot of our readers already asking about how to get the latest updates on study-abroad scholarships

With billions of websites around the world, how many websites did you want to visit to get the latest updates on the latest scholarship scheme!

If you google some scholarship lists some websites with the latest list may be on the next page of google!

To be sincere how many times have you visited the next page of google the last time you search on google!

There is a saying that ‘d*ad body’ is best hidden on the second page of google because few people visit it.

Now, this method I will be teaching you today will be sending you auto emails on all the latest scholarships posted freshly on any website in the world!

How does that sound to you?

Okay, thank me later! Let’s start the step by steps procedure

3 Steps To easily get scholarships to study abroad Notifications (Guided Steps)

First Step

You will need a google account to use this!

But don’t worry! Google account is free(Gmail)

Sign up for Gmail here

Once you sign up for a google account or if you have already then visit!

This is called google alert! But you need to customize it to alert you on Gmail with a particular keyword!

Now let’s move to the next step

Step Two

Now it’s a customized section!

Type what keyword, title, or scholarship you want to be receiving an alert on! For Example Scholarships In Canada

Let’s move to the next step where you will be letting google know which type of scholarship you want and from which country!

Step Three

You will need to click the ‘show options’ button and then following the drop-down select your country!

What this option really means is that you want to specify exactly the type of notification you want to be receiving should be scholarships in Canada opportunities and only those that accept students in your country!

That is amazing and very simple!

You can now go ahead and click create alert button

The amazing part of this feature from Google is that you can create multiple alerts for multiple scholarships or multiple different things!

This is absolutely free and it’s known by a few! Share with your family and friends

Did you find this helpful? If yes and you think will be helpful to some else click the share button below we will see you on the next one

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