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International Scholarships For Nigerian Students (Easy To Get Admission)

International Scholarships For Nigerian Students

Nigerian students, are you looking for an international scholarship that you can apply for? If you are one of the students that are looking for a scholarship abroad, you do not need to worry because in this article we will discuss international scholarships for Nigerian students.

A lot of countries have made education section very easy because of the scholarship that they offer to students outside their country scholarship to help them boost their intellectual most especially in Canada they are the best in giving out scholarships some of these scholarships are fully funded by their government. We will be listing the names of international schools that offer scholarships for Nigerian students.

International Scholarships For Nigerian Students

Here are the names of universities that offer scholarships to Nigerian students:


1. Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is a foundation that was established by the Federal Republic of Germany government and is funded by the Federal Foreign Office, the federal ministry of economic cooperation and development, the federal ministry of education and research, and also the other national and international partners, this foundation was established in Berlin in 1860, they promote and bring out great scientists and scholars from Germany and other countries.


  • Your first academic degree
  • Extensive experience in a leadership role
  • Experience in practical
  • A detailed statement by the German host which includes a confirmation of support, and a discussion of your proposed project with the host.
  • Proficiency in both English and German languages
  • Reference letters from two or three are expected.
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Deadline: March 2023

2. Western Kentucky University

The western Kentucky university was founded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1908 as a public university in bowling green Kentucky, this school is committed to access and a lot of opportunities for higher education within the united states, their aim is to enrich the quality of life that is within their reach and students outside their country that is why they created the Tuition Incentive Program International (TIPI) to support and push this program, and also know that this scholarship will cover for the student’s tuition fees.


  • The candidates have to be on an F1 visa.
  • It is compulsory for all candidates to meet the admission requirements which is to study undergraduate at WKU
  • Candidate must be very excellent in the English language.

How to apply: For application, you have to visit their website and fill in all the necessary information of yours.

Deadline: 1st of April, 2023.

3. Teach For Nigerian Fellowship

Teach for Nigeria is open for university graduates and young fresh professionals, this fellowship is for those who believe in education and are ready to impact knowledge into children’s life. This program is a 2 years paid commitment for full time, with is program outstanding and intelligent teachers will be made and they will be able to impact knowledge to Nigerian students.


  • This  program is open for all Nigerian citizens who are ready and willing to change the educational sector of Nigeria after this program
  • All participants must be full-time Nigerian citizens
  • Candidate must hold at least a bachelor’s degree and not be younger than the age of 35 years.


  • To apply for this program, you have to visit their website this application is in three stages which include:
  • Application form: This form will help you understand everything you need to know.
  • You will go through an online test if you are fit for the fellowship with your application.
  • Candidates will be invited to an assessment center as the final stage of their application, this will determine if they will be accepted or not.

Deadline: 11th Of April, 2023

4. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College is Ireland’s top-ranked university which is founded in 1592 and is situated in the center of Ireland’s capital city, this college has been crowned the center of excellence, their aim is to pick two lucky international students and give them $3,000 to continue the degree program in the institution with Chinese studies.


  • Candidates must accept the offer of the course before applying for the scholarship.
  • All candidates are eligible for this course.


To apply for this program, you have to visit their website and follow the instructions given.

Deadline: 31, July 2023


In summary, we are able to state 4 top universities for international scholarships for Nigerian students, and the requirements that are needed before applying, we have also stated the deadlines for all of these scholarships so its best for you to apply now, to apply you have to visit their official website and fill in the following instructions which might be stated in there. I hope this article has given some Nigerian students hope and courage to apply to any of these universities but note that you have to meet up with their requirements.

Thank you for reading, for enquires you can drop them in the comment section we will be attending to them all.



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